Sunday, October 20, 2013

Are Humans Monogamous?

Let's just forget society for a while and all its rules and moral preachings and delve directly into what we see, hear, feel. And if possible let's get into the subconscious and maybe our evolution history. Or.... Let me tell you a story.

There was a man and wife living happily. The man didn't have much time for his wife so she found a companion in another man with whom she would talk, just talk. One day the man told his wife he would be out of town for two days and that she should visit her friend if she wanted to during that time. He loved her more than the so-called society allows. She did. He came back the very same night and spent the time with himself. He thought about her ~ the details of her dress that she wore, her nervousness of this unanticipated rendezvous, the desire in her friend's eyes. As she got close to her lover, his own reaction surprised him. He got turned on. The next day when his wife came back, he could tell they just talked.

The first thing that came to my mind when I came across this is, why did he send his wife and then get turned on by imagining physical intimacy between her and another man? But I'm gonna resist myself from delving further because what I am writing today about is far more important.

The woman was indeed attracted to her friend... Even when we are in a committed relationship we do stray in our mind all the time. In fact I would state that at any given point of time there will be one love of your life and one current crush. Whenever u will hear songs, u will think of both. Whatever turns you on, you will imagine yourself with both, one at a time or together depending upon your level of kinkiness. Whenever u will watch a movie, you will think of both, you will want to hold hands with both.

But the Lover of her life was her Husband... The only difference is, your crush will keep on changing but the love of your life will be the one man who will rule your heart, who will make u cry and laugh, who will make you beg and rule, who will make you helpless and ecstatic.* Now I understand what that freak** meant when he said I am totally helpless, it's you who has to think.

Let me clarify that I don't condone anybody cheating on their partners. Quite the contrary. Just like the woman in the story exercised her discretion and understanding of her relationship with her husband and came back without losing her husband, I am in favor of exercising similar discretion in all our actions. But I strongly advocate that we as a society have missed to teach our children the truth about attraction. Today we have confused adults who think something is wrong with them if they get attracted to someone else. They live in a frustration that the society calls them characterless whence they express any such opinions. We must for our own awareness realize there are so many things the society didn't tell us. This is one of them. When we get there not only will we lead more fulfilling lives, we would have made life easier for homosexuals, wife-swappers (though I am against using the term), and different communities who have to hide.

*I talk for women here for the sake of simplicity. Applies correspondingly for men as well. **More about the freak later

In case you did read till the end, thank you.

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